Behind The Business

These are the faces of #TheDalles Behind The Business Photo Project. The business owners, crews, families and more.

This is home. This is the town our children move back to raise their family in. This is the town visitors stop by and fall in love. This is the town full of history where every old building carries a story. This is the town we support our small business owners, our teachers, our coaches, and our friends. We honor our service men, lining our sidewalks with American Flags on holidays. We take care of our vets and help them live their best life after service. We show appreciation and respect to our police, fire-crews, and other community service people. This is the town people visit to see the bald eagles, to fish in our river and lakes, to hike, bike, kayak and paddle-board. This is where you go to stop by the local cafe for the best coffee or tea in town. This is the town people stop to check out the huge murals on our buildings, to shop our small community stores, to eat at locally owned restaurants, to play baseball in our fields, basketball on our courts, swim in our community pool, and so much more! This is where community is friendly, and a honk of a horn is a familiar greeting. This is where our children thrive, by exploring various sports, joining in activities at the library, and almost always run into a familiar face while playing at the park. This town supports our children in music, art, sports and personal training like cross fit, gymnastics, karate and more. This is the town where we take care of our elderly, watch out for our teens, and prepare our young adults for life after school. This is the town with dogs in every store greeting each visitor with a sniff. In this town you will feel welcome. You are no stranger here, and your bartender and barista knows your order. This town is full of familiar faces, kind smiles, and welcomes you with a nod. This is The Dalles, and we are a great community! 

The wooden sign

What started out as a #TheDalles sign that Lindsey over at The Workshop already had in her shop, quickly turned into a town movement! Lindsey helped me come up with the idea of using the #TheDalles sign through town. I wanted to get into the various businesses in town and introduce myself as a local photographer, as well as get everyone ready for voting! We felt SURE to get the Top 5 (and we DID!) Now I walk through town and I see the familiar sign EVERYWHERE!! And I LOVE it!!! Danae Manion even held her sign on TV when she and Don from our local Main Street Program were interviewed after finding out we got to the Top 5. Check out their interview over at Fox12 from Jan 14th! To everyone that showed up on the 28th and brought their signs, and waved them even after we did not win the TV series! THIS is #TheDalles! We are such a great community! This project is only the beginning! I am so moved, and encouraged by your participation, and hope to keep the spirit of The Dalles alive!

Check out the links below for more information on this entire project!

The Businesses

Shout-outs go to SO many businesses! Thank you to these businesses and organizations for standing in front of my camera for this project! - Celilo Inn, Ft. Dalles Museum, The Dalles Mayor, Smart Food Service, Last Stop, First Interstate Bank, Small Business Administration, Planet Art Network, Sweetheart Bake Shop, Bohns Printing, Windermere Real Estate, Sigmans Flowers, Pawsh Spa, Gameopoly, Hampton Furniture, Emma’s Bowtique, Susan’s Custom Sewing, Breezeway Antiques, State Farm, Blue Zone, Rain Shadow Sales, Salvos, Kainos, The Dalles Iron Works, The Dalles Chronicle, Zims Brau Haus, Ace Sawyers, Grinders, Klindts Bookstore, Rout 30 Burgers Bottles and Brews, Adams Design Center, Flow, Herbal Revival, Satori, Westwind Fame and Gallery, Toyota, Honda, Manion Studios, Beau Toi Day Spa, Mid Columbia Fire and Rescue, Sedition Brewing, National Neon Sign Museum, Infinity Salon, Rivertap, Urban Paper, Sunshine Mill, Flagstone Senior Living, The Workshop, Willow + Bark, The Dalles Main Street Program, The Dalles Chamber of Commerse, Rooted in the Gorge, Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, Millcreek Coffee & Espresso, Copper West Real Estate, Cherry City Properties LLC, Farmers Insurance, Burgerville, Maupin Stoves & Spas, Kathy Pothier Photography, St. Marys Academy, Curio in The Foley, and Linda Wright L.M.T in The Foley, Smoke Ring BBQ, Optimist Printers, Bandit Glass, Tacos Del Rio, Terra Cotta, Nichols Art Glass, Country Financial by Kimberly Pitt, Scott Klien, Cascade Sotheby’s, Bargeway Pub, Clocktower Ales, Yesterday Today Music store, Bills Barber Shop, The Pink Poodle, and Gorge City Barbering - Also a huge shout out to my family, who have been extremely supportive!