Senior Photo Session coming up?

It's that time of year where current Juniors start to plan out their upcoming Senior Session! Here are some simple things to keep in mind when planning for your session!

1.Find Your Photographer

I recommend asking your senior friends and doing a google search for the local senior photographers in your area. Keep in mind, the best wedding or newborn photographer in town might not be the best senior photographer. Make sure you see the work they do. Does it line up with the style you are looking for? Look for reviews on their website and on google to see what others are saying.

2.Time of Year

Do you want your big senior session to be knee-deep in snow, or knee-deep in a local lake? After you've looked at images your top choice photographers have shared, look at the time of year they use the most. Consider when you want your session to be done and collaborate with your photographer to find the best date / time to accomplish the look!

3.Plan to Pay a little early on

Often times photographers book a year or at least a season out. Start planning as early as you can! Many photographers are going to ask for a deposit in order to book and hold a date (this is normal!) Make sure you read any investment information all the way through, so you are not surprised mid-way through your process with unexpected expenses.

4.Plan your style

Other things to plan through are your clothing choices. Consider the season you pick, you'll want to have your outfits fit the season. Most photographers allow a few outfit changes. I recommend maximizing your various looks with simple layering changes. One outfit can quickly and smoothly allow for many different looks using hats, scarfs, and easy-to-change top-layer jackets. Ask your photographer for their policy and plan your closet early!

5.Get your bestie involved!

From helping you plan your closet, carrying them through your shoot, and pulling out the inside jokes through the session, your best friend can often help bring the magic to your entire shoot! If you decide not to bring your bestie, consider bringing "mans best friend!" (AKA your PUP!)



Your senior session is all about YOU! Celebrate your final year of High School! Celebrate your future plans, your dreams, and your passions! Give yourself this special day to reflect on your favorite things. Your schooling, your family, your hobbies, and more. Your senior session is not just a couple of photos to send to grandma. Your senior session is your story told, and your unique, amazing, thoughtful, and generous heart celebrated!